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Dr. Gabriel Chukwuemelie Inya-Agha

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Dr. Gabriel Chukwuemelie Inya-Agha

(Executive Director ICT/ Communication)

Dr. Gabriel Chukwuemelie Inya-Agha [FICPAN, FMIC, FPANS, CMC] is a seasoned pharmacist of international reckoning whose post educational life and activities are hallmarked an exceptional zeal for industry and innovation. Dr. Gabriel is the holder of two patents in the fields of telecommunications and financial systems and as well as cybersecurity and biometrics, with a third in processing. A noteworthy accomplishment given that Nigeria has awarded less than 15,000 patents from 1904 till date. Without question, the requirements to be awarded the 20-year patent protection across Nigeria’s 220 million citizens for any novel invention are one of the most stringent on the planet.

A brilliant mind – Dr. Gabriel was in 5 Countries in two and a half weeks of September 2019, and 9 Countries in 3 weeks of December 2019 at which time he both led the International Climate Focus session on attracting private sector investments to climate change at the United Nations 25th Conference of Parties in Madrid, Spain, as well as had high-level international meetings in Ferney-Voltaire France, Switzerland and Germany (three major countries) in a single day.

A distinguished fellow of numerous professional bodies such Dr. Gabriel is a cosmopolitan millennial in the sense that he has practically been to almost every Nigerian state, lived or done business in many and had also been to many parts of the world, especially European nations which played major roles in his intermediate understanding of Spanish and Hebrew, aside English and Igbo which he speaks with proficient ease.

A dedicated and consummate corporate man with superb work ethics, Dr. Gabriel Inya-Agha’s outstanding performances in assigned tasks have stood him out all the time and have accounted for his multifaceted functionalities in various fields of endeavour. A technologically savvy gentleman with grounded understanding of modern trends in technology, Dr. Gabriel has worked in various capacities in reputable companies as Programmer 1 & Software Architect, NAFDAC (2005 to 2007); Lead Programmer, Quickening Group (2007); WHO/Central Medical Stores Barcode-Enabled Inventory Management System (2008); Lead Programmer, Survey Data Analyst (2009); Lead Programmer, First Mutual MFB Intranet Portal (2009). Between 2005 to 2006, he was Head, Information Technology Division for Quickening Group and was to also head the Directorate of Corporate Affairs for Quickening from the same 2005 to 2008. Since 2005 till date, he has been the Information Technology Consultant for the State Task Force on Counterfeit Drugs and Unwholesome Processed Foods in Ebonyi State, as well the Information Technology Consultant for NAFDAC till date. In 2009, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Quickening Group. In 2020 he was appointed Group Managing Director, of Rated Artisan Services Ltd as well as Rated Pharmaceuticals Ltd – a position he has held till date.

A seasoned consultant, Dr. Gabriel Inya-Agha has carried out numerous consultancies for the government of the United States, Commissions and Parastatals in Nigeria and International donor agencies such as Lead Programmer, Expert Consultant on the SARA II Project for the Office of the State Superintendent of Education Government of the District of Columbia United States of America. He was an Independent Analyst for the Nigerian Economic Summit Group at the World Economic Forum 2014 Press Launch.

Also among his impressive list of clientele includes but are not limited to Nigerian Communications Commission, National Salaries, Income and Wages, Abuja Technology Village, West African Telecommunication Regulatory Assembly, National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Department for International Development (DFID), to mention a few. Consequent upon his keen interest in knowledge production and transfer, Dr. Gabriel Inya-Agha has, in the course of execution of duty, participated as a consultant or resource person in thousands of public as well as private client presentations.

Dr. Gabriel is equally gifted in the technological know-how of several computer programming and algorithm description and instruction languages such as C-Sharp, Visual Basic.NET, Visual Basic, Flutter, Dart, T-SQL, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, WinForms, WebForms, AJAX, JSON & JQuery; Proficiency in usage of all editions of ESRI ArcGIS for Geographic Information Systems and competency in programing GIS based desktop and web applications using the Microsoft.NET languages; Competence in development of CMS & PHP powered websites; over 2 decades of experience in the field of software development, XML, Sitemaps and XML Web-Services, etc.

Dr. Gabriel is also a professional member of the Africa ICT Alliance (AfICTA). Dr. Gabriel has been roundly recognized and decorated with an array of awards and honours in diverse fields of human endeavour.

Dr. Gabriel, even at a young age, could be said to have done it all in his chosen fields of endeavour and has so succeeded in them that one could as well designate him as the 21st century poster boy in his field. He is friendly, humane, Godly and possesses the right orientation for the national advancement.

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